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  • 23 May 2019
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Author Topic: unban request  (Read 1304 times)


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unban request
« on: 21 October 2015 »

Mark Mods Unban Request Form

Your Nickname: «|SoH|»Bee<MNG>

Ip Address: 181.194.*.*

Link to your ban on list:

Reason for ban: TM abusing of his powers as TM

Your side of the story: Hey everyone, I'm doing this unban request because the removing banned IP in my server its not working and another TM told me about masterlist could keep my ip banned in MM.
Yesterday, one of ours "Technical Manager" (Sirius) began ban members (which this is not allow to admins or TMs, only leaders can ban members), and he decided to ban me because I accused him with leaders because he banned another member without permission (he bans raizo first and then me because i acussed him, as you see in the link). After all of that problem, windu (our clan master) decide to revoke sirius power as TM and tried to unban me, but it was not success, even he tried to ban and then unban me but nothing, I still be banned. I sent PM to raptor who is the other clan master and he is who have themarkmod server account but I still waiting for his answer because he is AFK. Aragorn and Windu, included Mark, who is the another technical manager, tried to help me with unban in server, and actually at this moment I'm unbanned in server but still banned in Markmods, so I can't connect to play.
So I ask for you all to help me with unban my ip range from MM, if you need more proofs tell me.