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  • 18 April 2019
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Author Topic: Arma 3 server Mod installations  (Read 2824 times)


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Arma 3 server Mod installations
« on: 22 April 2014 »

Hey guys,

I'm new to this, forgive me for my ignorance.  I'm trying to wrap my brain all around this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for some pointers on how I can set up an AW3 Wasteland server.  Currently I have a dedicated 110 slot server with you guys.  I have the A3Wasteland_v0.9.Altis.pbo and A3Wasteland v0.9f_noIndies.Altis.pbo loaded up in my MPMissions folder on the server.

1. Currently when you click on the empty server, it will give you a list of some missions and both Altis and Stratis maps.  You have to pick the map and mod to get things going, such as Altis and A3Wasteland V0.9 then then it launches.  How can I strictly make this the default without a vote?

2.  Are the any config files I can load to aid in running the server, like rules and such? How can I modify my config or find one already written close to my needs?

3.  I've read topics about making your server save your bases and characters, since this is all greek to me, I probably need a simpler explanation on how or if I can do this. 

4.  How does one go about admining your server.  I have had a few Battlefied servers, is there a ProCon or Rcon type tool used or is it strictly through the config file and command prompt?  Can I upload TADST or BEC to my server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Arma 3 server Mod installations
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2014 »

Hi Tyrone,

In answer to your questions:

Have you read our FAQ for ARMA 3 already?

In specific:
Which will lead you to:

Use the "class Missions", you can define different missions, to force the server to run those. For example your mentioned .pbo files :)

2) See my answer to 1), it refers to the readme of the game developer which lists pretty much all possible configuration settings.

3) This sounds like a modification for ARMA 3, I am not aware of which mod adds this functionality. Did you read a mod name perhaps? If so, if you have a direct download link of the mod, I would be happy to download and install it for you.

4) FAQ: