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Arma 3 updated to version

Hey Arma 3 was updated today. When can we expect you to have it updated for our servers? And for anyone who's interested, a list of what they changed is down below  ;D
- 0020690: [Visual-Environment] Thermal view problem (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020274: [Scripting] Using getPos and then setPos (getPosASL and setPosASL) on object moves it. (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0018738: [Sound] Cannot load certain cutscene animation footstep sounds (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0021045: [AI Motion/Path Planning] [DEV] helicopters immediately drop off AI groups in cargo (oukej) - resolved.

- 0020480: [UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)] Using a UAV form within a vehicle causes the player to duplicate and become invisable (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0018937: [AI Control / Commanding] AI does not realize APC has been destroyed (oukej) - resolved.

- 0020994: [Multiplayer] Exploit in createunit causes remote exec to bypass filters (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020771: [Multiplayer] Weird colour correction on JIP [VIDEO] (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020999: [Scripting] Alternative syntax string find x is not working on current stable build. (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0001533: [Multiplayer] Some controls still active while chatting (Nesquick) - resolved.

- 0016634: [Performance] Saved games go missing (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020988: [Other] setHit doesn't work on Marid central wheels (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020925: [Game Crash] MoveInCargo crashes Dedicated Server (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020980: [Virtual Arsenal] Virtual Arsenal weapon or item restrictions not functional
(Virtual Ammobox). (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020154: [RotorLib] Ghost hawk hangs left low, blades including, resulting in leftwards hover/forward flight (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0019588: [AI Motion/Path Planning] AI walk through setPos'd static objects [repro mission] (oukej) - resolved.

- 0020456: [Game Crash] Game Crash with access violation (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0019686: [Launcher] -enableHT can't be found in the Launcher parameter-list. (BIS Wizard) - resolved.

- 0020348: [Launcher] Starting Arma 3 with Launcher loads Steam-workshop mods but no other mods. (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020476: [AI Issues] Friendly AI getting stuck in a permanent reloading cycle (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020159: [RotorLib] While on ground, fwd/aft cyclic thrust is inverted when no collective is indicated (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020346: [Launcher] Arma 3 Launcher constantly crashes, will not even open. (BIS Wizard) - resolved.

- 0020638: [AI Motion/Path Planning] AI vehicles won't drive on Roads anymore (oukej) - resolved.

- 0020667: [Game Freezes] Bootcamp mission 4 'Rising Tensions' does not load (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0008304: [Gameplay] HUD in Helicopter (KA-60) start breaking too easily (pettka) - resolved.

- 0020343: [Launcher] ARMA 3 Launcher isn't displayed (BIS Wizard) - resolved.

- 0020715: [Game Crash] CTD in Zeus, when Unhook Load is initialised (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0020616: [AI Motion/Path Planning] Grass cutter object is blocking AI movement paths (oukej) - resolved.

- 0020716: [Multiplayer] Reloading and inventory management broken in multiplayer (Iceman) - resolved.

- 0019501: [Virtual Arsenal] Virtual Arsenal: underwear instead of uniforms (pettka) - closed.

Thanks for the heads-up!
We are currently rolling out the new ARMA 3 update.
We will inform you through Facebook, Twitter and our forums as soon as it is ready for install in the Control Panel :)


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