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Hi, i jus bought ArmA3 server on MarkMods, and (almost) everything works fine.
Just one thing that i cant setup/change. Difficulty setting in .arma3profile

I know that settings are ok (they works on my ArmA3 client, and on my LAN dedicated), but for some reason MarkMods  dont use .arma3profile settings. I have also trying to change -name and create server user - no result. Please help.

Hi got same problem on my server with difficulty setting. Did you find solution ? Thx
Not yet, but i create a ticket for this, and we trying with support :)

We have come up with a solution for ARMA 2 CO servers.
So far we have not been able to fix this for ARMA 3 yet.
It seems what ever we attempt, ARMA 3 servers (dedicated!) keep on overwriting the difficulty settings.

Have any of you successfully got this to work on your local systems?
If so, in which directory did you place the .arma3profile file(s)?

Please note: Information about getting it to work on a Dedicated ARMA 3 server is only useful, as we did get it to work on a non-dedicated ARMA 3 server.
We have read about a bug in the dedicated server, though the developers mentioned they fixed it. I am afraid it has been broken later on again.
Settings works fine now. I think its after last update.


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