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Update v1.221 Query port issue

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Hi, i've read about recent changes on server query ports here

In particular i did check this line: note: STEAM ports in Arma 3 build 1.22.125469 or newer are now linked to game-port of the server instance (+1 query +2 report to master)

The IP of my server is:

Yesterday i did the update, from that moment to now i have not been able to make my server working properly, it just stop by itself after 10-20 minutes saying:"server didn't answer to query" or something like that.

I did try:
-old ports : steamport 7502 - steamqueryport 7402 (been using those for ages before update and all was ok)
-new ports starting from 7302 : steamport 7304 - steamqueryport 7303 (was a try)
-new ports starting from 2302 (default):  steamport 2304 - steamqueryport 2303

None of these solutions was able to keep my server online more than 15-20 minutes, right after that the server shuts down and i get the usual advice: "server didn't answer to query".....

24 Hours my K&B Domination server is offline, did open a ticket but no answer yet.

Anyone has a solution to this problem? Anyone experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance, sorry for my english.
I have same problem like you :( and support have my tickets in a**

Same issues, Changed nothing in my config, getting the same problem, tried new ports and even re-installed server.

RPT Reports:

Unknown hit sound type in bin\config.bin/CfgSurfaces/GdtVRsurface01.soundHit
PhysX3 SDK Init started ...
PhysX3 SDK Init ended.
Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 6302, Steam Query Port: 6303
Connected to Steam servers

Ok here all been fixed about query ports, server running good now, unfortunately just a hour ago popped new patch -.-

Yeah, all you need to do is replace the query port with a port that's 1 number higher that the server join port. so 2302 would have a query of 2303 and a normal steam port of 2403


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