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Can't find your ARMA 3 server in the server list?

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So here is one for you.
To be honest, we cannot get our head around this one.
Somehow Bohemia Interactive decided to integrate 2 server lists into 1 game. Wauw..

These 2 lists are:

And even better, something, yes, "Something", influences on which list your game server shows up. And at this moment we are not sure what this "something" is.
As of 1.18 most ARMA 3 servers seem to disappear from the Steam server list, which is, of course, the default server list being used in your ARMA 3 Client.
You can easily fix this by changing the server list in-game to GameSpy, which turns out to be extremely easy, even though we overlooked this for 15 full minutes...

If any of you guys figured out why the ARMA 3 servers stopped showing up on the Steam server list, please share here so others can benefit as well :)

I was doing some looking around and it seems like others had problems getting their server to display back in the alpha/beta.

This is from a post on the bohemia forums. They had several servers using an array of different ports.
The difference that I see from their cfg and ours is that it contains "steamport" and "steamqueryport"

steamport = 2330;
steamqueryport = 2331;
reportingIP = "";

Server 2:
steamport = 2340;
steamqueryport = 2341;
reportingIP = "";
Server 3 and 4 just follow on in the same way. Rcon port is then 2332 for server1 and there is a gap of 10 ports between server port ranges

I tried adding these lines, even changed up the port numbers, but the server wouldn't go online.

I'm still a bit of an arma server n00b, but I hope this might help someone here at markmods who knows what they're doing

How can we get back to the Steam list? 

Even though this is a simple fix to click the steam/gamespy button, we've had absolutely no traffic on our server since this change.

I looked around on steam and saw that the dev was posting on the issue.

People were asking about what will happen after gs dies.

He says: "so far no plans for report IP after death of GS, it will use steamworks afterward. it means you need open the ports and forward the needed ports if server behind NAT/firewall.
steam has no reverseNAT support"

I just did this, I'm not sure if it works yet since I'm at work.

I opened my .cfg file and edited the reporting IP line.

What is used to read
reportingIP            = "";


reportingIP            = "";


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