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  • 17 June 2019
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Topics - Lyniaer

on: 10 February 2017 1 SWAT4: MarkMod Server/Client mod / Troubleshooting & Technical help / Server Log keeps resolving stats.

My server log is getting spammed with:
ScriptLog: (t=1448.307): MBMod.MBConnectStats: Start connecting to to send stats.
Log: Resolving
Log: Resolved (
ScriptLog: (t=1448.457): MBMod.MBConnectStats: Start sending stats to, timeout set to 20 seconds
ScriptLog: (t=1448.760): MBMod.MBConnectStats: Stats sent to!

Leave it run for a day and my log is over 50,000 kB.  I tracked it down to a AMMod.u file.  Any way to fix this?

on: 29 October 2016 2 MarkMods Game Server Hosting / SWAT 4 / Swat 4 Dedicated Server Setup

Hi all.  I've scoured a good chunk of the internet trying to figure out how to do this.
Does the DedicatedServer.exe even still work?
I just want my server to run a dedicated SWAT 4 game without having to host-while-playing with Hamachi.  Judging by the number of still active Swat 4 servers, there must be a way to do this.
Does anyone have a simple tutorial to make this thing work without this silly Hamachi program?

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