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  • 12 November 2018
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Author Topic: TIPS TO NOT GET BANNED!  (Read 3769 times)


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« on: 06 April 2010 »

Some gamers, and perhaps you're one of them, are gaming in a bad environment. Here is how you can clean up and not get banned:

1. Check your SWAT 4\Content\System directory on the file: "entry.dll". Remove the file if it exists.
2. Ask some clanmembers to send you all their .ini files and replace yours with theirs, it could be possible that yours are corrupted.
3. Change your game graphics settings:
 3.1: Set the screen resolution lower.
 3.2: Set (all!) the "Details" lower.
4. Check your internet connection:
 4.1: You should be connected to a WIRED internet connection.
 4.2: You should close any download or upload programs.
 4.3: If you're on a network (other pc's in the house), check if they are downloading, surfing on the internet, and make sure they are not.

You should be fine after this :)