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  • 21 May 2018
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Author Topic: Rfactor2 server console  (Read 531 times)

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Rfactor2 server console
« on: 04 February 2017 »

Hi there,
i just bought a RF2 server but upload doesn't seems to work, plus i sent a ticket request due to various iussues.
Server console is locked on an error, i can't do anything from there.
Tryed to upload some mod in installed but once upload finished file disappeared. It happened 3 times.
You suggested to install mod uploading the installed and the manifest folder, but since my installed folder is 23 mega how can i do to upload just the mod/track i need?
I tryed to upload the single vheicle from installed/vehicle but still once finished files disappeared.
Hope to hear you very soon, you should aware your clients of this iussues before!
Why don't you allow to simply upload files into packages directory then you set the game in a way that once restarted it install automatically all the not jet installed mod? Maybe wrong suggestion but would like to help you then me!
My ID is /6191